There are many planning details that can make you stress out while you’re planning your big day, but when it comes to your bridesmaids we’ve got you covered. Our master stylists have truly seen it all (some of these consultants have 20 years in the biz!) and we can help you handle any bridesmaids obstacles you may run into.

Whether your bridesmaids are out of the area, have busy schedules, or are… wait for it… PREGNANT. Yes pregnant, but relax we’re going to tell you just how to melt all your bridesmaids stresses away.

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The Out-Of-Area Bridesmaid

Whether it’s your cousin living in a different state or your sister’s busy university agenda, it’s lucky (and rare) that a bride has all her attendants in the same town, but that doesn’t mean that your out-of-town ladies can’t get in on the bridesmaids dress hunt!

Starting with the search:

You can browse through the hundreds of bridesmaids dresses on the Fantastic Finds website or on the website of some of our top designer collections like Christina Wu Celebration, Sorella Vita, and Hayley Paige Occasions. We also offer exclusive collections that can be seen during your appointment! Then send your favorite picks to all your girls so they can still offer their opinions (only if you want to give them the option of course).

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Measuring is a MUST:

For your girls that are lucky enough to attend your bridesmaids appointment, our master stylists can ensure they will be measured as close to the best fit as possible! For those ladies that are out of town or can’t be present the day of the appointment we highly recommend having them get themselves professionally measured by a qualified seamstress or tailor. To get the right measurements, you needs a pro’s expertise to make sure your bridesmaids are being measured in the right spots. One of Fantastic Finds’ specialties is ensuring all your bridesmaids (even the one out-of-town ladies) are offered full assistance in selecting the best size for each bridesmaid. Whether that be in-store, over the phone, or email chats we’ll make sure they each have the best fit for their measurements!

Don’t forget to warn your besties that, like wedding dresses, bridesmaids dress sizes also run a little small and ordering up a size or two may work out better in the end. You’ll probably be tempted by the friend who swears to lose 15 pounds before the big day and is requesting a size smaller, but just say no. Let her know it’s much easier to take the dress in than to let it out, and that she looks fabulous just the way she is!

On to ordering:

If the party is ordering the same dress in the same color it’s best to order all your bridesmaids dresses at the same time so that they come from the same dye lot and you don’t have to worry about the subtle differences in hues if you’re going for a uniform look. If you are choosing different styles or a variety of colors the dresses will be ordered individually as they are sized and the payment in full is received. Any delays with individuals not placing their order in a timely basis could result in additional “rush charges” for the dresses to arrive in time. Whatever the case may be, as soon as the gowns arrive you and each of your maids will be contacted to let everyone know their dresses have arrived.  Alterations can be expected with each dress to get that perfect fit, so you’ll want to be sure everyone has extra time to take care of their adjustments.

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The Pregnant Bridesmaid

You may have had the luxury of knowing one of your girls is pregnant before you asked them to be in your bridal party allowing for you to plan accordingly, but most of the time it is a surprise half way through the planning process. It’s no secret that the miracle of childbirth does not adhere to anyone’s schedule, but we are able to offer our expertise on styling and sizing if your wedding falls during or post pregnancy. So put your mind at ease because we’ve got you covered!

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Here are just some ways to accommodate your pregnant bestie:

  1. Opt for a mix & match bridal party look. Give your girls some guidelines for things like color, dress length and and fabric and then let everyone choose the gown that’s best for their body type. This way she won’t look like the odd man out of the bridesmaids and all your other ladies will love they dress they choose!
  2. If you decide that a uniform bridal party is a must for your wedding, try choosing a loose fitting fabric like chiffon with a comfortable and supportive neckline. Room to breathe is best when it comes to baby bellies and pregnancy hormones!
  3. Darker, dramatic colors can give your wedding a sleek look and will be slimming for all your maids. Go for long gowns for that extra flow factor and to help cover the water retention in the legs because kankles are a fact of life when you’re expecting.
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There are plenty of pregnant bridesmaids that still participate at bachelorette parties, the bridesmaids dress appointment and standing up at the altar… They just will likely need to do things at their own pace.

If the pregnancy is known before the appointment, then our consultants can help guide you through your size options with input from your bridesmaid and adjust the sizing accordingly. The good news is there are a few bridesmaids collections offer maternity gowns so if one of your ladies is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t be comfortable and look amazing! If she discovers a bun in the oven after she’s already purchased a dress then there are some options to choose from and our master stylists can help you find the best solution for your situation.

Junior Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

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Junior bridesmaids are typically between the ages of 9-15 and can be tricky when trying to make sure they match with the rest of your entourage standing at the altar. We recommend ordering bridesmaids dresses 6-9 months before your wedding date, but it can be challenging to gauge how much your younger ladies will be growing within that time. We offer rush options for additional dollars for shorter ordering periods for junior bridesmaid. Flower girl dresses have a quicker ship dates then bridesmaids or jr maids. This allows for a better idea of the sizing for your wedding day, so your little maids can look just as amazing as your bridesmaids!

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