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23 Bridesmaids Trends To Try In 2019

The 2019 bridesmaids dresses are sure to catch every bride’s attention, we saw designers swapping traditional silhouettes for more fashion-forward looks. Think everything from standout details and unexpected fabrics to stunning sleeves and glitzy gowns. Let’s just say long gone are the days of bridesmaid dresses your friends will only want to wear once. Whether you’re classic, boho, minimal, modern, or glam, there was a little something for every bridal style this season.

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your #bridetribe trendy for your wedding:

Add Some Color… Or Don’t!

Jewel Tones

We saw jewel tones steal the show this year. Featuring colors like deep mustards, ruby reds, emerald greens, chartreuse, and royal blues; these rich hues will add a pop of color to your wedding celebration. This luxurious array of colors will have your bridesmaids feeling like royalty and they look great in any wedding season!

Sorella Vita Style 8614 / Sorella Vita Style 8884 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22682

Dusty Rose

It’s clear Dusty Rose was the Spring 2019 color of choice for top designers this season. This deeper and darker blush looks gorgeous on all skins tones and can be worn all year round. Pair it with flowing chiffon for a romantic look that beautifully compliments any wedding color scheme! This flattering light berry shade will ensure that your bridesmaids are in total agreement when it comes time for that dressing room decision!

Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5804 / Sorella Vita Style 9034 / Sorella Vita Styles 9050, 9162, 9072

Bold Hues

For 2019 you will see designers choosing a more daring color palate than we have seen in past years. Bridesmaids everywhere will be spotted in deep purples and bright blues this wedding season. This bold trend is perfect for the fashion forward bride looking to add a fun and playful touch to her big day. And your girls will be loving you for it!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22716 / Sorella Vita Style 9132 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22767


No surprise that this trend continues to reign supreme for countless designers; the newest showcases in this timeless neutral will have you swooning. Perfect for autumn or winter celebrations, you’ll be seeing more brides electing the dark contrast of this lavish shade. Not to mention Burgundy will look stunning on bridesmaids of all complexions. This shade of wine is perfectly composed in the newest Sorella Vita collection. Opt for mixed materials like satin tops with long chiffon skirts for an elegant touch!

Christina Wu Celebration 22675 / Style Sorella Vita Style 9132 / Hayley Paige Occasion Styles 5813, 5812

Pastel, But Not Pink

Pastels are red hot right now – well not literally – but you will be seeing these sweet tones popping up in weddings everywhere. Light pink shades, like blush, have been top picks several years in a row, and for good reason I mean blush looks good on everyone and next to everything.. But this year we saw designers giving other pastel colors their moment in the spotlight. Top designers like Christina Wu and Haley Paige, worked in powder blues, sage greens, and light lavenders. Perfect for a spring wedding, or pair with flowy gown to give your maids a relaxed look!

Sorella Vita Style 9048 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22821 / Hayley Paige Occasion Styles 5850, 5855

Give Me The Textures

Glitter & Metallics

Nothing will give your girls that twinkle in their eye like glitter underlays and shiny fabrics. If you’re going for a high-end look for your wedding this trend might just be your answer! Sparkle isn’t just for festive weddings these glamorous gowns look  stunning in the summer sun, and nothing says party quite like glitter! Allow your ladies to choose their own style, and you’ll create a chic look for you big day, and as a bonus your maids will feel comfortable and definitely wear those babies again! New styles from our designers make it easy for you achieve a next level of elegance.

Adrianna Papell Platinum Style 40103 / Sorella Vita Style 8938, 8690 / Adrianna Papell Platinum Style 40156


2019 is boho bride heaven for sure! A skirt draped in layers of sheer fabric will give your ladies a relaxed fit that looks amazing on all body types. Pair this with the pastel or neutral color palette to add that delicate, whimsical feel to your wedding day celebration. Your bridesmaids will be thanking you for these flowy fabrics that’ll keep them dancing all night!

Sorella Vita Style 9170 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22737 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5765, 5766


Lace is a perfect way to give your wedding that sweet vintage touch, but it is no stranger to wedding party attire. We are loving designers fresh take on lace by incorporating textured cotton lace. Pastel shades like blush and lavender complement this romantic fabric, while a longer silhouette will dress it up.The patterns from our new collections will have your best friends looking just darling as they walk down the aisle in these little numbers, and it’s comfy too! Our Haley Paige Special Occasion collection will give you the perfect selection you’re looking for with these lacy designs. For a fun take on the mismatched trend, have your bridesmaids choose dresses with different lace details!

Tip: Make sure you can see the quality of fabric before purchasing dresses like these. Sometimes they can be low in quality and that’s not something you want for your besties!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22837 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5861, 5866, 5862 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5621

Glitter Chiffon

This sparkle trend will leave your bridesmaids charmed in these glistening dresses. Something we like to call snow globe glitter, perfect for the minimal chic bride as this subtle fabric choice will give your maids a unique look no lace, tulle, beads or embroidery necessary!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22871 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22830 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22879


We are LOVING this trend. Sorella Vitas newest collection beautifully showcases this luxe double knit fabric in classic silhouettes that are more comfortable and functional than ever. These jersey knit gowns will hug your bridesmaids in all the right places. Pair this with trendy darker hues to give your wedding a modern look!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22890 / Sorella Vita Style 8880 / Sorella Vita Styles 9126, 9134

Mixed Materials

Timeless meets fashion-forward in the newest Sorella Vita selections with these mixed-material combinations! Tulle floats over Mikado for a flirty statement, and satin pairs with chiffon for an elegant touch. We’re obsessing over these new mergers. The different textures allow you to be more decisive about the look of your wedding and why not because now you can have both! Not to mention this can be a perfect way to give each of your girls their own look for your big day!

Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5856 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22815 / Sorella Vita Style 9088

Sweet & Sassy Styles

Tiered Skirt

Looking for something different from the classic a-line bridesmaid silhouette? Perfect for any bride who wants a quirky edge for her big day. Tiered skirts are having a serious moment in 2019, as these stacked frills look amazing for a romantic style wedding.  The fabric cut in different lengths make it easy for your bridesmaids to shorten the dress and wear it again and give you an unexpected touch for your wedding. Opt for airy fabrics like tulle or chiffon for a tutu-inspired effect or pair with a flirty neckline like a deep V-neck for a modern take!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22777 / Sorella Vita Style 8338 / Bari Jay Style 1908

Wrap Dresses

Boho brides have met their match; we are loving wrap dresses and your bridesmaids will too! Comfort played a major part in 2019 designs and these babies will keep your ladies dancing all night long. This flowy fabric is known for being universally flattering to all body types to have your entire bridal party looking and feeling their best on your big day! We saw these gowns paired with flutter or off-the-shoulder sleeves to give a flirty look this season. Choose blush for a casual garden-inspired feel, or Navy for an elegant formal ceremony.

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22808 / Sorella Vita Style 8852 / Hayley Paige Occasion Styles 5764, 5760

High Neck

Yes, we’re still obsessing over Meghan Markle’s royal reception dress debut, so you can thank the Duchess of Sussex for this 2019 designer trend. This timeless look will give your wedding an elegant touch, and the high neckline will compliment all body types and gives your girls the support they need to get down on the dance floor. This more modest style will ensure all your bridesmaid are comfortable on your wedding day!

Sorella Vita Styles 8956, 8868 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22891 / Hayley Paige Style 5714


One of our favorite up & coming trends has to be Jumpsuits. Who says bridesmaids dresses had to be dresses anyway! You will see more boss babes rocking these trendy jumpsuits in coming years, and the flowy pants will give your wedding a fun and unique look! A perfect combination of comfort and class for long after the ceremony ends, you will see this trend emerging in the upcoming collections for a new take on a modern look.

Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5710

Mix & Match

One of the hottest trends in 2018, so it’s no surprise that 2019 brides are continuing to love this trend. Instead of a uniform look, girls are opting for different fabrics, shades, patterns and styles of gowns that collectively come together and create a cohesive look. This Mix & Match trend allows all your bridesmaids to pick the dress they feel most comfortable in for your big day. At Fantastic Finds we can help you pick out the perfect color palette with tons of swatches to choose from. With new releases from our designers it’s easier than ever for your girls to be in different styles, fabrics and shades! Mix & Match looks can be a fun way to have each girls’ personality shine through!

Sorella Vita Styles 9132, 9150, 9026 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5624 / Sorella Vita Styles 8944, 8968, 8960

Baby got BACK

Today’s trends no longer put the focus on just the front of the dress. You’ll be seeing everything from plunging back lines, keyhole cutouts, and glamourous criss cross designs! Not only do these dresses have stunning backs but they also come with different options thanks to this new Sorella Vita collection. These dresses allow for a completely open back, the corset style, and criss cross straps! These strappy details are a great way to add some flair to any style.

Christina Wu Celebration 22857 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5711 / Sorella Vita Style 9134

All About The Sleeves

While sleeves became the “it” trend for brides a few years ago, this look is now making its way into 2019 bridesmaid dresses, and this years designer collections are bringing us the best sleeves we’ve seen yet!

Cap Sleeves

Looking for a pretty alternative to the strapless style? Consider cap sleeves. These barely there sleeves still flatter the shoulders but offer just enough coverage for those wanting to cover their arms, or for brides who want a more formal look for their bridesmaids.  A consistently beautiful style for many designers, we will be seeing more cap sleeves for 2019 bridesmaids. Try cap sleeve in delicate lace for a vintage-inspired look.

Sorella Vita Style 8874 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22865 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5600

Puff Sleeves

If you’re looking to add extra style points to your wedding you might want to check out this puffy sleeve trend. Sleeves are getting a Renaissance vibe courtesy of billowy fabrics, volume, and exaggerated trims. The added touch of fabric around the forearm will give your girls a romantic look as they carry their bouquets, and is a fun new take on long-sleeve gowns!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22804 / Sorella Vita Style 8906 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5808

Off the Shoulder

Elegant, sweet, romantic and flirtatious all at once, it’s obvious why the off-shoulder trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for gowns for your summer 2019 wedding or planning ahead for your 2020 nuptials, you might want to add the off-the-shoulder look to the list of things you simply can’t ignore. This trendy little sleeve is a great way to give your girls some arm coverage without being to covered up. Try a rich color palette to give your wedding a polished feel or pair with a flowy skirt for a relaxed ceremony.

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22758 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5754 / Sorella Vita Style 8996

Flutter Sleeves

Universally flattering and ultra-feminine, flutter sleeve gowns are popping up all over Pinterest for a reason. These loose sleeves are perfect for giving your wedding a laid back feel and your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate keeping their full range of motion, but still covering their arms; the best of both worlds really. Whether the dress is simple or embellished, a fun flutter sleeve adds a whimsical twist that will leave boho brides everywhere swooning to get their girls in these gowns!

Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5854 / Sorella Vita Style 8944 / Christina Wu Celebration 22762

One Shoulder

This truly timeless design is set dominate bridal parties throughout 2019. A strapless dress is perfect for showing off just the right amount of skin, but when it comes to support, they might not be right for all your bridesmaids. A one shoulder design can give you the best of both worlds, and creates a versatile silhouette that works for every wedding style and dress code. This asymmetrical detail looks amazing paired with chiffon or other flowy fabrics for a comfortable feel!

Sorella Vita Style 8864 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22853 / Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5914

Down To The Details

Touch Of Bling 

If you’re looking for a relaxed feel but you still want your girls to shine then this 2019 trend is for you! The perfect combination of simple with a statement, these blingy straps paired with flowy styles will give your girls just enough sparkle without overpowering your wedding dress!

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22831/ Christina Wu Celebration Style 22839

Tied Shoulders

We’ve seen cold-shoulders be a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, but this year we think shoulders will be getting extra attention thanks to this tied shoulder trend. Tied shoulders give 2019 bridesmaid dresses a flirty look that’s perfect for outdoor ceremonies. The ties also can be adjusted, which lets your maids play around with different lengths and bow styles so each girl can have her own special look!


Sorella Vita Style 8472

Ruffled Necklines

Ruffled necklines create a fun and flirty look every bridesmaid is guaranteed to fall in love with. Additional layers of flowy fabric can exude a romantic style while lots of tiered layers will add drama to any look. Keeping the dress silhouette simple with clean lines creates a the perfect bohemian look for your wedding day bash. Pick the shade and then let your besties choose their favorite style like a flattering V-neck or an edgy halter to give your ladies a unique but cohesive look.

Christina Wu Celebration Style 22806 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5912 / Hayley Paige Occasion Style 5803

Flutter Tops

This popover trend is perfect for the bride who is looking for a stand out dress without a lot of embellishments. An extra layer of fabric over the bodice of gowns, adds a relaxed feel to dresses and are perfect for bohemian style weddings or outdoor ceremonies; PLUS it will flatter all your bridesmaids! Try flutter tops with a flowy fabric like chiffon, or opt for satin for a black-tie affair.

Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5860 / Sorella Vita Styles 9026, 9150 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22753

High Slits

2019 bridesmaid dresses are all about showing some legs with the help of revealing slits. This trend can be a fun middle ground for brides who can’t decide between a long or short dress for their maids. From thigh high side slits to front cut outs your girls will have legs for days in these fashionable looks. Worried your grandmother may not be too fond of your besties flaunting so much skin on your wedding day? Don’t fret! These slits can be easily altered so they reveal just the right amount of leg.

Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5902 / Christina Wu Celebration Style 22825 / Hayley Paige Occasions Style 5918

Regardless if you’re going to have 2019’s trendiest bridal party or pick and choose one or two, we’re here to bring you the trends and you make them your own!

Fantastic Finds has a great selection of designers from Sorella Vita, Haley Paige, Christina Wu, and more to make sure all your bridesmaids can effortlessly stay on trend! Book your appointment today!


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