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Online Vs. Brick & Mortar: Bridesmaid Edition

You did not put in all this hard work into making your wedding perfect just to try shortcuts when it comes to your bridesmaids.. That’s your #BRIDETRIBE! After all they are going to be the ones standing next to you in your wedding photos.

We all know, online shopping can be a convenient way to get some much needed retail therapy. It can also be pretty risky ordering something you’ve never actually held in your hands before, especially when it’s your bridesmaid dresses. Buying with a Brick & Mortar store means you get to see the dress before committing, and not having to worry about fraudulent sites, or in some cases, becoming an internet fail… Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Learn from the mistakes of these poor ladies…

ONLINE: Expectation Vs. Reality


 Blake Did It Better

You have to admire that this bride was inspired

by the queen that is Blake Lively but obviously this is not

what she had in mind for her bridesmaids.



Sheer Disaster

    This bride may have wanted Grecian goddesses standing

    at the altar with her, but as the saying goes

“not all that glitters is gold”



Bagtastic Flow

This less than perfect fit (to say the least) would be

enough to make any bridesmaid cringe. Instead of

getting a curve hugging flow this bride got something that

looked more like a window curtain.



The Not-So-Cutesy Dress Find

The expectation might have been to have her bridesmaids in a

charming little blush dress but not only was the only color

wrong, the fabric shines like a brand new plastic bag..


Getting the right look and size dress is critical (because you WILL be taking a million photos in it.) This might be the only time you don’t want to be Jennifer Aniston, but for real you don’t want to be that bridesmaid.

You might have heard some terms involving your “bridal world size” and let me tell you this is so real. Most designers have their own size chart, so what may be an 8 for one designer may be a 4 in others. Remember ladies, it’s much easier to take a dress in than trying to add extra fabric! By ordering with a Brick & Mortar you get the sizing and styling expertise of our master stylists to get all your whole bridal party looking picture perfect for the big day. The Fantastic Finds stylists have been in this business for many years and have seen just about everything, so you can trust they know how to make sure every bridesmaid looks UH-mazing in their dress. Not to mention give idea suggestions you may have not even known you couldn’t live without!

Doesn’t that sound way less stressful than ordering online, waiting for shipping, and then trying to deal with the hassle of mail-back return policies if you end up not being satisfied with your purchase? If that’s not enough convincing for you.. You might not get the color you think you’ll be getting. Some online outlets even put disclaimers on their website that you WON’T be getting the color you thought you ordered. Not to mention the fact that you have no idea what the quality of fabric is like until after it has arrived at your door. Don’t let this be you…

Whether you’re going with a mix & match or all one color bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, our specialists will help you create the perfect palette for you wedding, so no worrying about your wedding party being “off color”! Fantastic Finds has color swatches for all of our bridesmaid dresses, and our stylists will guide you through all the options as you see and touch the different colors and textures.  We make it easy to coordinate the men in your wedding also.  No need to be running from place to place with tiny swatches to match up the mens attire.  Our Menswear stylist will coordinate the men with the maids. This way all the members in the wedding party will have a look that reflects your wedding vision.  We make it easy to be that trendsetter we know you are!

Not only do we assist the entire choosing process, but we also provide an unforgettable shopping experience for the whole party. Not to mention you can feel great about supporting local businesses! We make it easy to take a step back, forget about all the other stresses that comes with planning a wedding, and enjoy a moment with your best friends that will last forever. Now what computer can do that?

If you’ve ever ordered that sparkly dress from China that was $25 and when it arrived it looked like the third grade version of yourself made it, and you have to end up paying for a new one anyways… Don’t go back there. Take the stress out of buying your dress and let us do all the thinking while you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Book your bridesmaid appointment with Fantastic Finds today and let our master stylists help you turn your expectations into an actual reality!

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